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 CountryCurrencyCodeWe BuyWe Sell
Centre Africa Franc XAF788.520604.532
West Africa Franc XOF723.030624.435
South Africa Rand ZAR19.22415.729
Algeria Dinar DZD250.000200.000
England Pound GBP0.8760.837
Saudi Arabia Riyal SAR4.9174.474
Argentina Peso ARS205.209114.005
Australia Dollar AUD1.6471.567
Bahrain Dinar BHD0.4720.441
Bolivia Peso BOB9.3807.667
Brasil Real BRL6.1665.128
Bulgaria Lev BGL2.0002.000
Canada Dollar CAD1.5111.437
Eastern Carribbean Dollar XCD3.6713.032
Chili Peso CLP1012.897841.066
China Renminbi CNY8.1167.580
Colombia Peso Cop5083.0634158.870
Corea Won KRW1457.6711212.455
Costa Rica Colon CRC783.715644.551
Croatia Kuna HRK7.5577.068
Danish Krone DKK7.8097.363
Dominican REP Peso DOP72.94060.783
Egypt Pound EGP20.38517.234
Emirat U.A.E. Dirham AED4.6864.165
United States Dollar USD1.1981.159
Gambia Dalasi GMD69.47756.186
Hong-Kong Dollar HKD10.0149.096
Hungary Forint HUF368.758343.451
Cayman Islands Dollar KYD1.1320.916
Fiji Island Dollar FJD2.7222.202
Indian Rupee INR95.72185.183
Indonesia Rupee IDR18810.84516587.745
Iceland Krona ISK166.431142.655
Israël New Sheqel ILS4.3073.769
Jamaica Dollar JMD201.201170.107
Japan Yen JPY132.868127.657
Jordan Dinar JOD0.8540.783
Kenyan Shilling KES137.060117.846
Kuwait Dinar KWD0.3840.352
Lebanon Pound LBP16603.9201985.251
Malaysian Ringgit MYR5.3484.898
Marocco Dirham MAD10.90010.100
Mauritius Rupee MUR55.61549.548
Mexico Peso MXN25.05220.798
Norway Krone NOK11.26410.221
Papua New Guinea Kina PGK4.7473.922
New Zealand Dollar NZD1.7341.636
Oman Rial OMR0.4910.446
Pakistan Rupee PKR230.109187.922
Perou New Sol PEN5.0964.215
Philippines Peso PHP65.36057.041
Poland Zloty PLN4.8244.457
Qatar Rial QAR4.5594.258
Romania Lei ROL4.0005.000
Russian Ruble RUB94.01579.216
Serbia Dinar RSD135.447113.069
Seychelles Rupee SCR19.25915.758
Singapore Dollar SGD1.6841.588
Sri Lanka Rupee LKR247.442188.528
Sweden Krone SEK10.80210.089
Switzerland Franc CHF1.1091.069
Syria Pound SYP220.000400.000
Taiwan New Taiwan Dollar TWD35.11732.466
Tchèque (Rép.) Krone CZK26.96025.163
Thaïland Bath THB40.82738.105
Trinidad & Tobago Dollar TTD8.8257.541
Tunisian Dinar TND3.4653.135
Turkish Pound TRY10.7149.097
Ukrainia Hryvnia UAH35.08128.702
Uruguay Peso UYU56.85547.551
Vietnam Dong VND27992.03723100.225
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