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Currency Exchange Office and Gold Trade in Brussels, Belgium

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With our 20 years of experience in currency trading and gold coins, we offer a wide range of availability for all foreign exchange and gold.

The exchange rate of some common currencies:

Updated: Tue 31-Mar-2020 00:28

 CountryCurrencyCodeWe BuyWe Sell
United States Dollar USD1.1491.071
Sweden Krone SEK11.63910.974
Norway Krone NOK12.20111.504
Marocco Dirham MAD11.50010.200
Japan Yen JPY123.890115.551
England Pound GBP0.9270.864
Danish Krone DKK7.8417.430
Switzerland Franc CHF1.1011.027
Canada Dollar CAD1.6271.518
Australia Dollar AUD1.8641.738
See the complete table of all our foreign currencies
For large quantities and exotic currencies it is advisable to contact us to guarantee their availability.

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Foreign exchange rates fluctuate and these rates are therefore provided for indicative purposes only. The actual exchange rates that you will get will depend on the quantity you are exchanging.

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Sundays and public holidays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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