Last Updated: Fri 02-Jun-2023 23:06

Gold Bars We BuyWe Sell
Kilo Gold 58398.6059858.57
500 Gr Gold 29199.3029929.28
250 Gr Gold 14599.6515037.64
100 Gr Gold 5839.866131.85
50 Gr Gold 2919.933065.93

Gold Coins We BuyWe Sell
Krugerrand 1816.371907.19
Mapleleaf 1816.371907.19
50 Pesos Mexico 2189.952365.14
20 $ Liberty 1774.901880.34
10$ Liberty 887.45931.39
£ Souverain 431.87448.97
20 Fr Vreneli 342.45357.71
20 Fr Napoleon 342.45356.02
50 Ecus 917.30980.87
10 Gulden 356.73377.92

Other coins on request.

We do not apply any additional fees. There is 0% tax on buying and selling gold in Belgium Our staff, known for his ethic and his knowledge of the gold market, will provide you a shrewed advice in order to bring your transactions to a good end. Free Valuation:whether you are buyer or seller, we’ll make you a clear and detailed appraisal before each deal.

The rates of precious metals vary and these rates are therefore indicative only. The actual rates that you will get will depend on the quantity you are exchanging.